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The store is always busy but the lines at the checkout area always move pretty fast so you can get in and out very quickly. Make sure you check all the sizes because little fashion trolls like to move things around. Also read: Plato’s Closet Application, Jobs & Careers Online Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something in particular- a black patent stilleto? Check with your local store to find out when they restock since they will all be different. Double, triple check it’s good condition and not missing anything. Using Nordstrom Rack shopping tips, you can get great items for a steal if the piece is in good condition. Such great customer service. Specifically, Kevin, the manager of the shoe dept. I am so disappointed in the service at this store that I am considering NEVER shopping there again. I actually don’t shop in store anymore and just do online shopping to save time trying on in store. The store is well organized and easy to navigate. What this allows you to do is it tends to give you a thorough synopsis on where exactly the places are located and also gives you even better look at the Nordstrom Rack Locations near you as well. 800 number. She finally agrees to give me the phone number and I call the Nordstrom Rack online, in front of her.

Minutes until the next person was finally called up.

You just need to tell the associate the order level and they pull it up on their phone right away! They need to do something about that ridiculous line though. I ended up just leaving my items, I was in line for almost 15 minutes and the line was pretty long. Minutes until the next person was finally called up. The manager basically called me a liar and insisted they they would let not shoes in that condition stay on the selling floor. I didn’t even look at the condition of the sole when I purchased them as I was just looking for something comfortable and cute. While the sole had some dirt markings, they were not uncommon for shoes purchased at an off price retailer and certainly not unsellable condition. Nothing was mentioned about the shoe condition when I purchased them. The other 80% is purchased expressly for Rack stores.

  • Original: $250
  • Michael Stars
  • Slip-on shoes make it easier to try on shoes
  • It’s down in the basement; you probably won’t get cell service
  • Sometimes you can find items for $0.01
  • Hanky Panky
  • Available in blue and limited sizes at Nordstrom Rack ($44.55)
  • Leather upper & lining, synthetic sole

I purchased 2 pair of shoes the other day as I was in a rush and thought I could make my final decision at home and return the pair I didn’t want. Rack buyers are super concerned with quality and value and they want to make sure they purchase brands Rack customers will love, so you can also find a great deal on these items. Also read: Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free (or Nearly Free) This gunmetal color looks great for the holidays! Strengths: Their big-time Anniversary Sale in late summer (which features just-in, fall-ready goods significantly marked down), and their two half-yearly sale clearances after the holidays and then once again in June. Then the same employee makes eye contact with me while I’m waiting in line and stares me down. An employee then came up came behind me, touched my arm and asked if I wanted a tote bag to carry “everything.” I was carrying two dresses I wanted to try on. Also read: Find Hot Deals On Shoes On The Internet And Enhance Your Fashion Quotient You can also try these older promo codes for Nordstrom Rack What’s this?

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She was like oh you want an email and paper receipt then she just gave me a paper receipt.

Find newest Nordstrom Online Coupon Code 20 Off, Nordstrom Rack coupons and promo codes that have been tested and verified in 2018. Where style meets savings. One Tory Burch wallet wasn’t marked and the only black one left so we when we got to the checkout, the salesperson had to go find the manager. I said okay to get her away from me and as soon as she gave it to me, she said, “okay I got her. She’s all set now.” I left. I gave off zero indication that I was a shoplifter, and yet I saw employees begin to watch me and discuss me over their headsets. She was like oh you want an email and paper receipt then she just gave me a paper receipt. I asked the cashier today for an email and paper receipt and she seemed totally high and didn’t understand what I was talking about.

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Have had some bad experiences recently with their customer service.

The cashier rang me up fine, but offered nothing other than transaction. Instead, he offered a white Valentino case. He grabbed my sunglass case and moved it behind the counter and wished me a good day. I was too excited from the sneak peek that I’ve been wearing them out on every non-rainy day since! Not a fan of the service that day. Have had some bad experiences recently with their customer service. Good location and decent selection, but terrible customer service. This review is regarding the customer service at this store. I like this store. There are some good deals, but like other reviewers have mentioned, you have to be willing to sort through the massive amounts of clothing. You can definitely find some good deals, but know your prices because not everything is a great deal here. Also read: Hobby Lobby Worth A Visit. Occasionally I find some good deals, but mostly I just come to return stuff that I buy online. Overall you can find some bargains but with how the store looked and how it seems to be run, I won’t be back.